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The Artist That Is Bigger Than Music!

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Mail Mann is more than an artist — he is a brand. His goals are to entertain, inform, and inspire people from all walks of life.

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A Treasure of Music: Mail Mann Music

Mail Mann is more than an artist — he is a brand. His goals are to entertain, inform, and inspire people from all walks of life. Mail Mann’s mission sets him apart with a vision that goes beyond just music. He strives to work hard and smart every day to make sure the world knows he is the most productive brand in BUSINESS!

So sit back and listen to his passionate rap music today!


Mail Mann  was born on January 2, in Jackson Mississippi. He is a single father of four. Mail Mann was born in Jackson, Mississippi but has lived in Atlanta, Georgia most of his life. “Mississippi raised me but Atlanta made me!”

Mail Mann fell in love with music at the age of 2. “I remember when my aunt bought me my first toy keyboard and all I remember is banging on the keys and just loving the notes.”

He experienced a deeper passion for music in middle school while playing the drums in the band. “Man, I remember when me and my partners used to listen to Kriss Kross “Jump” and a group called The Puppies; Hey little momma why you dancing so funky!”

He gives credit to John Pimp (Quick 2Blast), his cousin, for influencing his interest in music. At 14, Mail Mann knew that not only did he have a love for music, but that he also wanted to be his own boss.

“My cousin used to stress to me that I had to pay attention in this field. He taught me to pay attention to the contracts, and the interactions with people. He always shared his knowledge and experiences with me. He gave me the foundation but I learned the music game in depth from trial and error.”

“John pimp and Master P were true inspirations in molding me artistically and paving the path that I desired to follow.” Mail Mann is self motivated. He learned about the ins and outs of the rap game by going to music and business conferences, networking, first-person interactions, and personally learning how to evolve along with the direction of music.

He’s not afraid to fail and he loves taking chances. So where does the name “Mail Mann” come from?

“I don’t have no elaborate story- no stealing mail trucks back in the day. I own other businesses and had to market those businesses on my own. I didn’t have the money to hire anyone, so I would ride around and deliver my flyers and marketing material by myself. 

One day, me and my children’s granddad and I were out delivering the flyers and he was like, ‘Man, I can’t do this! You’re out here delivering these flyers like the mailman!’ Since that day, I have adopted the name.” 

Some of Mail Mann’s favorite artists includes: John Pimp, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Master P, TI, Busta Rhymes, Mulatto, Meagan The Stallion, Nikki Minaj, Kevin Gates, Mo3, Tha Baby, Lil Dirk, Trey Songs, J Holiday, and the list goes on!

“I just love good music.”

What makes Mail Mann Music stand out the most is its authenticity.

“It’s me that makes the difference. I try to make my music stress free. I give my personal stories, speak on the truth of the world, and things that people are scared to discuss. I speak about things that benefit people like my inter circle and my children. I like to see people happy and enjoy life. I want my music to grab you so that you get to get the experience of mail Mann.”

Mail Mann’s goals are to invest and make his financial portfolio extensive, help others for the rest of his life, give back to the community, and increase generational financial wealth for his children. He desires to change one's mood and enlighten the masses.

“My music isn’t aggressive. I want to give an old-school grown vibe. My overall goal is to grow my brand to be able to help others.”

Mail Mann’s target audience is women! “I love women! I have a lot of age-appropriate music for the grown women! Now Mail Mann doesn’t eat no groceries so you will not hear any of that, but it’s grown and sexy for the grown and sexy.

“I have music for grown men also, discussing adversity that we face and also how to handle certain situations that we are faced to deal with.”

He lives by the motto; “Man don’t work, man don’t eat.” Too many people in the world are lazy, scared to work and get dirty, but will sit down and allow a woman to carry the entire weight. “If you want to enjoy the fruits of the world, you have to invest the labor!”

Mail Mann desires to leave a strong legacy for his children and his community. He wants to create generational wealth starting from himself to his children to their children and so forth. He’d like to be known for giving back to his community.

“I love, love, love to see people smile regardless of gender! It’s almost like paying it forward. Someone helped me to get where I am.”

Mail Mann is a well rounded ambitious artist that not only has goals to prosper in this business but to give others the opportunity to do the same.

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